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Welcome to The Painted Hoof!  I am Dar Fletcher, an artsy-craftsy creative type who is also happily obsessed with her garden, her cats, and who would just love to have a dog and a pig but can’t right now. I also love DIY and reno projects but am much better at planning than executing (just ask my husband – or better yet, don’t!).  [ more ]

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Marvellous Molly!!

posted on 21 August, 2016

I am pleased to introduce Molly! Isn’t she a gorgeous girl? 13669026_1092171264187099_8583088124256832647_n

Molly is seven and lives in Illinois with her very loving family who have had her since she was 12 weeks old. Whenever my good friend Belinda (Molly’s mom) would post pictures of Molly, I was always struck by her markings and her lovely soulful eyes. 

13900213_1105032342900991_8228699931959674370_nIt was also clear from the pictures, however, that Molly is a lady of comfort! :-)  I asked Belinda about Molly’s  diva tendencies, and this is what she had to say:  “Oh my her Diva things haha. She has to wear a sweater when it’s cold because she will sit here and shiver, she does not like to get wet, she has to be under the covers at night and is a bed hog!! She will only eat her favorite treats everything else she will leave on the floor, and she will kick you off the couch if you’re in her space haha!” 


12993553_1018281821576044_5576485726812060273_nI also love this outdoor picture of Molly having a little rest in the grass. She is such a little character. 

Finally, here is my little painting of Molly. Purple seemed to be a very good colour for her! molly

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